Welcome to GENERALA

GENERALA is a fast, rules-light game system for dungeon-crawling, monster-bashing good times. It's easy to play, fun to play, and with pregen characters and dungeons it's fast to pick up and play.

The system is based around a dice game most people already know how to play - you roll a bunch of dice, then try to make poker hands with the numbers rolled. The better the hand, the more points you get.

GENERALA is released on a try-it-then-pay-what-you-want system. You don't need to "check out" or provide any information to get the game and enjoy it. If you like it, we hope you'll come back and buy a copy.

The first ever GENERrata is here!

We've updated the files to version 1.2 to include a few typo corrections and some minor rules changes. Nothing major, but you can download a full list of changes here in PDF.

In addition to the corrections and updates to the rules, we've also added the dice scores list and the XP spending options to the Reference Guide. Make sure you have a few on hand when playing GENERALA.

Rules Downloads


Digital Version

A PDF of the GENERALA rules laid out for viewing on digital devices.


Booklet Version

Set up 8.5 x 11, with booklet pages. Print double sided, flip on short edge. No cover.


Booklet Version - A4

As the booklet version, but sized for A4 sheets. No cover.



The Cult of Ad MacMon

Delve into the lair of an underground cult with strange worship practices.


The Toast Tower of Arn Furnace

A fiery workshop full of dwarves and dwarf accessories. Lots of combat.


The Tomb of Han'ka Zaria

Desert-themed tomb plunder with undead dogs, giant worms and pissing dinosaurs.



Player Reference

Printable player booklet with a character sheet, char gen rules, and talents.


Pregen Characters

28 Pre-generated characters for use in GENERALA games


Pregen Characters - Printable

Pre-generated characters file set up to print on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.


Character Sheet

2-up PDF set for 8.5 x 11 printing


Printable Cover

High-color cover for printing at Kinkos or at the office where ink usage isn't a concern.


Printable Cover (Low)

Low color PDF for home printers


Printable Cover A4

High-color cover laid out for A4 printing.


Printable Cover A4 (Low)

Low color A4 PDF for home printers


GENERALA is released on a play-it-then-buy-it basis. We want you to download it for free. We want you to play it many, many times. At least three. And after you play it, if you think it's worth a few bucks, it'd be awesome of you to come back and buy a copy.

GENERALA is available in two formats -

Digital Copy

Like GENERALA and want to show your support? Grab a digital copy as a way of saying thanks. You'll find the purchaseable digital copy to be about the same as the files on this page, no surprises, but you'll be sending a couple bucks our way and we'll thank you muchly for it.

Includes the rules, Gm guides, sample dungeons, and sample bestiary.

Print on Demand Copy

Do you prefer a copy of the game you can hold in your hands? Buy a print-on-demand copy!

6 x 9, perfect bound, the print-on-demand version includes all of the rules, talents, sample monsters, and the three sample dungeons.

Both versions are now available exclusively through DriveThruRPG

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Print on Demand - Lulu

Because of print quality issues, we don't recommend buying GENERALA from Lulu.com. However, because Lulu often has deep-cut discount coupons, we understand if our players would rather order from that site instead. A print version will be maintained on Lulu as well as DTRPG, and you can order it here-

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